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Chinese red tea

The important criterion in the Chinese tea classification is the infusion color. Red tea, according to this classification, got its name for the rich color of infusion, which is associated with the color of sunset with a slightly brown tint.

Salary on coffee beverages and opening a coffee shop

In today’s world, mornings begin with a delicious breakfast and coffee. Many people prefer to eat outside the home for lack of time, namely, in small coffee shops. Since the percentage of coffee consumers is quite high, the business in this niche is huge.

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Tea Blog

Welcome to our tea blog! Here you will find interesting and useful information about this amazing drink. We will try to mark on the pages of the site various interesting information about tea, tips, and recommendations. You can even find recipes and ways to brew tea. A separate section of the blog about tea is dedicated to different brands and companies. There are also articles about the history of the drink, its health benefits – in general, there is something to read!

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