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Chinese red tea

The important criterion in the Chinese tea classification is the infusion color. Red tea, according to this classification, got its name for the rich color of infusion, which is associated with the color of sunset with a slightly brown tint.

Salary on coffee beverages and opening a coffee shop

In today’s world, mornings begin with a delicious breakfast and coffee. Many people prefer to eat outside the home for lack of time, namely, in small coffee shops. Since the percentage of coffee consumers is quite high, the business in this niche is huge.

Tea Preparation

Tea for body cleansing

Surely every person has ever wondered, “How can you cleanse your body of toxins and slags quickly, but without harming your health?”. And let the reasons for purification be different for everyone, but the answer is one – you can safely cleanse yourself using recipes of folk medicine. These products contain only natural ingredients, which means that they are unlikely to cause you harm. In addition, the preparation of such “medicine” will take no more than half an hour. Cleansing teas are considered the most delicious and useful remedies, and in this article, we will tell you about some of the most popular ones.

Tea from tarragon and plantain.

This drink helps to clear the gastrointestinal tract. It requires 10 grams of tarragon shoots and leaves and 15 grams of plantain leaves.

For your taste, you can add a pinch of your favourite black tea. Thoroughly rinse the grass, cut it with a knife and dry it. You can also buy plants that are already dried.

Mix them, add the tea, pour the boiling water and sweat over low heat for 5-8 minutes. Then take the drink off the stove, cover it with a towel and let it stand for a third of an hour. Such tea is best drunk warm.
Riabin tea

A rowan tea is ideal for cleaning the kidneys. Take a tablespoon of berries, pour a cup of boiling water over them, cover the dishes with the lid and insist for about 7 minutes. Tea should be consumed three times a day, one third of a cup.

Melissa and oregano tea

This drink will help you clean your bowel well. Mix 10 grams of dried leaves and oregano shoots with 15 grams of lemon balm leaves and 5 grams of lemon peel.

Mix thoroughly. Fill the mixture with two cups of boiling water and simmer on low heat for about 6-7 minutes. Then remove the drink from the stove, filter and drink half a cup during the day.

Currant tea

Frost tea will help clean the kidneys. Mix dried black currant berries and rosehip fruit in equal proportions. Fill a tablespoon of the resulting mixture with two cups of boiling water and insist on the drink for one hour. Drink it 4 times a day for half a cup.

Herbal tea for complete purification

For this drink you need 10 grams of dill and mint and 20 grams of dandelion, hay, fresh parsley and nettle leaves. Shred the herbs, mix them and pour a couple of cups of boiling water.

Close the container with the drink lid, cover with a towel and insist for 10 minutes. After that, filter and consume one third of a cup during the day. For a more pleasant taste, add a spoonful of honey and a slice of lemon to this tea.