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Chinese red tea

The important criterion in the Chinese tea classification is the infusion color. Red tea, according to this classification, got its name for the rich color of infusion, which is associated with the color of sunset with a slightly brown tint.

Salary on coffee beverages and opening a coffee shop

In today’s world, mornings begin with a delicious breakfast and coffee. Many people prefer to eat outside the home for lack of time, namely, in small coffee shops. Since the percentage of coffee consumers is quite high, the business in this niche is huge.

Tea Information

Holding a tea ceremony in China

Chinise Girl with Tea

The tea ceremony is an ancient tradition that originated in China in the second century before our era. Over time, the basic rules for its conduct were established, and special tableware was defined. Today, a tea ceremony is a real action that will be remembered for a long time and will also help you find inner balance.

The tea ceremony is special. At the moment of the action, participants can fully enjoy the delightful aroma of tea, the color of brewing, interesting forms of tea leaves.

In order for the tea to reveal its flavor in the most accurate way, only the purest water from springs is used to brew it. This is the water that reveals the entire taste of tea and has a sweetish flavor. The water is prepared on an open fire. The duration of the process is about an hour. The number of people who participate may vary. But often their number does not exceed 5-6 people. Only in such conditions a person is completely relaxed and can burst into that extraordinary atmosphere.

A person must come to the ceremony with pure intentions and thoughts. That’s why he must leave everything evil, bad things behind the door. Often the event is held in very beautifully decorated halls, where quiet relaxing music sounds.

Brewing tea at the ceremony

For this purpose, clean water is used, which only boils. In China it is believed that if water boils for a long time, it loses all its healing properties and cannot fully reveal the taste of tea. The first water that is poured into the tea is immediately poured. It is designed to wash the tea leaves and remove dust from them. The other water is already suitable for brewing the tea that is being consumed.

Tea is brewed very quickly. It doesn’t take more than one minute to brew it. After that, tea is poured into special bowls. Each guest from his bowl inhales a couple of teas, slowly drinking them, focusing on his thoughts.

The tea leaves can be brewed several times. Of course, the brewing becomes weaker each time, but the tea acquires new flavours and flavours. The main thing is that the water that is poured into the tea is not too much. After all, in China it is believed that moderation leads to wealth, and abundance leads to trouble.

It’s not accepted to talk to each other during the whole action. You can only speak and address the tea itself and the god of the tea ceremony. His images are an obligatory attribute of the action, which is placed next to the tea equipment.

A tea ceremony is a process that helps a person to find inner peace, tranquillity and tranquility. Everyone who wants to relax, to know himself should visit it.

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