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Tea and Сoffee news

Chinese red tea

The important criterion in the Chinese tea classification is the infusion color. Red tea, according to this classification, got its name for the rich color of infusion, which is associated with the color of sunset with a slightly brown tint.

Salary on coffee beverages and opening a coffee shop

In today’s world, mornings begin with a delicious breakfast and coffee. Many people prefer to eat outside the home for lack of time, namely, in small coffee shops. Since the percentage of coffee consumers is quite high, the business in this niche is huge.

How to choose a portable gas grill?

In summer you really want to go out in the open air and taste juicy ribs, fried sausages, kebabs or grilled vegetables. Everyone is used to using charcoal grill for barbecues. But recently, gas portable grills have become increasingly common. They can be used both for outdoors and for cooking at home.

gas Grill

Advantages and disadvantages of portable gas grills


  • Quickness of heating. You can start cooking with the gas grill a few minutes after it is switched on.
  • Temperature adjustment. In a normal charcoal grill there is no possibility to regulate the temperature of heating, and in the grill there are several burners with which you can easily control the temperature and choose the best one for this product. Moreover, it makes it possible to cook several different dishes at the same time.
  • Easy to use. No ash is produced. And your clothes will not smell of smoke. It is almost impossible to burn food when used correctly.

It also has disadvantages:

  • High cost. If the charcoal grill or gas grill cost about 200 dollars, the portable gas grill – a few thousand. But notice that a bag of charcoal for the charcoal grill costs quite a lot, but it will not last long. At the same time, the price of gas is lower, and the cylinder is enough for the whole season.
  • The taste of meat cooked for gas will still be different from kebab fried on coals. But add some liquid smoke to the marinade and you’ll get a flavorful meat.

Gas grills are superior to charcoal grills in many ways, so more and more people are buying such devices for outdoor recreation, fishing trips and just for cooking grilled meat at home.

View: tourist, mobile

Portable gas grills are conditionally divided into two types – tourist and mobile.

  • Movable ones are moved by means of trolley with wheels. It also provides space for a gas cylinder and additional shelves for tools and products.
  • Tourist is compact and light, but productivity is not so high. They have no additional functions, but are easy to carry. Some outdoor enthusiasts purchase special bags to carry the device. This is convenient if you have to walk to your resting place. The most economical tourists use regular bags or boxes.

Use of gas equipment

These grills are popular for the following reasons:

  • convenient ignition, similar to a regular gas stove;
  • fast heating (takes much less time than coal and wood barbecues);
  • the simplicity and convenience of adjusting the heat;
  • there are devices with several burners: each of them can be set to a different temperature, which allows you to cook several different dishes at the same time according to a pre-defined menu;
  • easy to repair and maintain.

The safety technology is similar to conventional gas stoves. There is one drawback: in winter, the gas pressure in an unheated cylinder decreases as it cools down and it is difficult to cook in the open air.

Rules of operation

When using the gas grill, certain operating rules must be observed.

How to connect the gas cylinder to the grill

gas cylinder to the grill

Before connecting the gas cylinder to the unit, make sure it is safe and away from flammable substances and materials. The cover of the grill must be completely open. Otherwise, the gas may collect under the cover and explode. Also make sure that the adjustment knobs are in the “off” position before connecting the cylinder.

Then remove the plastic cap from the gas cylinder and connect the grill hose to the nozzle. The connection must be as tight as possible so that there are no leaks. Secure the coupling by turning it clockwise. Screw in tightly, but not to the point where the threads are stacked or where you cannot unscrew them if necessary. When the tank is connected to the grill, open the valve on it. If leaks are possible, you will smell gas. If this happens, close the valve and reconnect the cylinder. If there are no leaks, you can start the grill.

Preparing the grill for operation

Preparing the grill for operation

When the gas tank is connected, the unit is ready to go. Warm the grill before grilling food. Photo 7 Make sure the grill is clean and there are no oil or fat leaks anywhere. If they are, wipe the surfaces with a dry towel. Turn one burner to its maximum position and press the ignition button. When the fire ignites, you can turn on the other burners and close the lid. Heat the appliance to the desired temperature.

Warning! Before cooking fatty or pickled meat, it must be dried on a paper towel so that the drops do not get on the burners and do not ignite.

Open the lid and put the food on the grate. After a while you can enjoy a fragrant and tasty dish.

Additional features

The grill is used to fry food, but there are devices that act like a smokehouse. Some models are equipped with a motorized spiral.

Please note whether the temperature setting is stepped or smooth. The latter is most convenient to use, as it allows you to set the temperature to the optimum level for each type of food.

When choosing a mobile gas grill, pay attention to the equipment of the trolley – whether it has additional drawers and shelves.

Materials and price

The quality of the materials depends on the quality of the cooked dish.

The burners can be made of stainless steel, cast iron or brass. The lids are made of steel, stainless or coated with special porcelain enamel.

The grids are made of cast iron, steel or iron. It is cast iron grids which are in demand. They make the device heavier but more stable.

The cost of the grill depends on the above parameters. Different manufacturers present to consumers a large number of models from different materials with many functions. You should choose from their financial possibilities, but still do not save on quality.

Cooking in a gas grill is fast, convenient and environmentally friendly, and most importantly – delicious!

How To Choose A Dishwasher?


Nowadays, a dishwasher is a potential assistant for every family.

So what is a dishwasher? Why do we need it so much?

  • In the process of machine washing, you only need to load dirty dishes and unload clean dishes, while the washing process itself can occur even when you are not at home.
  • Hot water supply is not necessary.
  • When washing in a dishwasher, water consumption is reduced by 3-5 times, compared to a manual washing of the same amounts of dishes.
  • When washing in a dishwasher, strong detergents can be used, which can be dangerous for human skin, and therefore are not used with a hand wash.
  • Washing in a dishwasher makes it possible to rinse dishes using very high temperatures, which allows you to completely wash the detergent from the surfaces, which cannot be said about hand washing.

Each of these factors can serve as a separate tool in favor of acquiring this very useful home unit. Now, let’s look at the main characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing a device designed to greatly simplify our everyday life.


Standard dishwashers under 400 are divided into two types according to the width of the machine – 17.7 and 23.6 inches. The appliance with a width of 17.7 inches holds 8-9 sets, and the machine with a width of 23.6 inches holds up to 12 sets, and in some models even 14 sets of dishes. In addition, there are compact models designed for 4 sets, however, such models are less efficient and can not accommodate large dishes.

Built-in or freestanding

According to the type of installation, dishwashers, as well as other large household appliances, are divided into built-in and free-standing ones. Built-in, in turn, are divided into partially and fully embedded. The difference is that in partially embedded machines, the control panel remains visible, and the control panel of fully embedded machines is located on the upper edge of the door.

In order for you to know when the washing is completed, a light beam, the so-called “beam on the floor”, is projected onto the floor next to the machine during washing, which disappears with the end of the washing program.

Energy Efficiency / Washing / Drying Classes

Dishwasher box

There are three important indicators: energy consumption class, washing class and drying class. The energy consumption class is a characteristic of energy efficiency, the washing class is an indicator of the quality of washing, the drying class is a characteristic of the quality of drying dishes.

The higher the indicator, the more economical and environmentally friendly the dishwasher is.

Washing and rinsing

Firstly, for most models of dishwashers, there are three main washing modes: easy, normal and intense (for pots and pans). Some dishwashers can offer up to 20 modes in addition to the basic ones, such as crystal and porcelain washing, quick washing, steam cleaning, high-temperature disinfection, and a half-load mode.


There are such types of drying as condensation drying, and drying with blowing with warm air. Condensation or economical drying allows you to save energy, however, it assumes that small stains from dried drops can remain on the dishes.

Filters and food leftovers removal

There are models with a self-cleaning function, filtration systems, and a waste crusher that allows you to load dishes into the dishwasher without first cleaning it. Filters and food waste crushers remove food particles and perfectly eliminate them without clogging the drainage system of the dishwasher.


New models of dishwashers are equipped with a digital display, letting you know how long a particular washing, rinsing or drying program will take. In addition, some models have controls on the top of the door to smooth the outer surface. Many machines include a childproof door lock.

Delayed start and soundproofing

Most models of dishwashers are equipped with a delayed start option, in case you want to wash the pre-loaded dishes a bit later. Also, pay attention to models with enhanced sound insulation. The noise level of the quietest models is 47-57 decibels.

Dish baskets and interior

Dishwashers are equipped with several baskets, the height of which can be adjusted, depending on the size of the loaded dishes. As a rule, the upper basket contains special holders for cups and cells for small plates, which can guarantee the safety of dishes.

Cutlery is placed in a special tank, which guarantees safety when loading and removing piercing and cutting items.

The lower basket is for larger dishes. All coasters are made of durable and flexible material, and the inner surfaces of dishwashers are often made of stainless steel.

We hope that this material will help you decide on the model of your future electronic assistant.